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The Canine Renal Disease site is intended to be informative only. I am not a veterinarian, and do not endorse any particular treatment or diet for dogs with renal disease. The only people who can make an informed decision about proper diagnosis, and appropriate treatment and management of any particular case, are the dog's owner and the treating veterinarian(s).  Bibliography

Susan L. Fleisher, Berkeley, CA 1/31/99

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Table of Contents

bullet Anatomy and Physiology of the Kidney
bullet Diagnosis of Kidney & Bladder Diseases (Diagnostic Tests)
bullet Treatment and Management of Dogs With Kidney & Bladder Diseases
bullet Nutritional Management, Diet and Recipies
bullet Symptoms of Kidney & Bladder Diseases
bullet Acute Kidney Failure
bullet Chronic Kidney Failure
bullet Familial & Congenital Kidney & Bladder Diseases in Dogs
bullet Juvenile Renal Disease
bullet Juvenile Renal Disease in Standard Poodles
bullet Glomerular Diseases (Protein Loss)
bullet Bladder Stones
bullet Incontinence
bullet Toxic Kidney Diseases (Antifreeze, Raisons, etc.)
bullet Current Research on Kidney Diseases
bullet Comprehensive Sites on Kidney & Bladder Diseases

Renal Disease/Urology by Sheri Ross, DVM,  University of Minnesota
Urogenital Notes by CR Dhein, Washington State University




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